Health Screenings

Accurate Results through Health Screen

At Minden Animal Hospital we are proud to have a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. We work closely with an international company called IDEXX Laboratories. We have their brand of CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry analyzers as well as their urine analyzer. These in-house machines allow us to get accurate results on your pets’ bloodwork and urine testing with same day results. This is especially important when your pet is sick and we need this information right away to make a correct diagnosis. We are also able to check your pets’ stool for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia or giardia and get their treatment started immediately.

Even in apparent health, these tests can catch disease processes early. Many diseases will only show clinical signs once your pet is quite far progressed. By having a baseline of normal for your pet at a young age and trending changes, diseases such as diabetes, pancreatitis, Cushings, liver disease and kidney disease can be caught and treated at an earlier stage and improve their prognosis long-term.

Because the kidneys are your body’s filter system, checking a urine is another way to catch early signs of disease. Checking your pets’ urine sample can screen your pet for diabetes, bladder stones, infection, kidney disease and more.

Ask us about our wellness plans which include bloodwork and urine testing with various payment options so that you can be confident your pet is as healthy as you think they are!